Hello and welcome to my site.

The paintings are made with gouache on heavy watercolor paper unless otherwise indicated. The collages are also gouache on sume paper that’s glued to watercolor paper. I always keep a border of about 1-2” so you have the option of “floating” the piece rather than matting it.

full disclosure: borders can have a few drips of paints or glue, I can be a messy painter! Some people like it, but if you don’t then I’d recommend matting your artwork.

DSCN3425 copy.jpg
queen annes lace. copy.jpg
gardenandmeadowplants copy.jpg

I studied horticulture and worked professionally as a gardener at the New York Botanical Garden. I also studied fine art at the New York Studio School in NYC where I made some very bad oil paintings! After much trial and error I’ve come to love working with gouache on paper.

We live in two places: NYC and upstate NY where we have ten acres to play with. Flower gardens, wild meadows, hedgerows, woods and a creek are all part of the inspiration for the work. I also love Scandinavian folk art and pottery, textile design, and modernist styles of painting especially cubism. I grew up on the water in Huntington, NY. The view from my parent’s home in Huntington harbor is a frequent subject as well.

When working, I look for questions or a “beautiful question”. I am of the opinion that one must be fearless in front of the page or canvas. If it means throwing off a comfortable manner of working, so be it. It is staying curious about the subject and the materials that is most important to me.